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Tamara MOLINARO 🇮🇹

Tamara is an Italian 22 year old girl, based in Moltrasio, a little town situated on the coast of Lake Como.
Tamra Molinaro

Who is Tamara?

Tamara is an Italian 22 year old girl, based in Moltrasio, a little town situated on the coast of Lake Como.

She speaks Italian, English and a bit of French. She looks like an ordinary girl, blonde hair and blue eyes but she has a very strong personality and an infinite passion for all kinds of Motorsport.

Tamara is a very determined and brave person, kind, sincere and typically Italian, she’s passionate and devoted about whatever she does!

Her love for Motorsport began a long time ago as her Family owns a Rally team. She grew up in her parents workshop among tyres and race fuel.

Tamara loves two wheeled vehicles too, especially Motocross She has been practicing it since she was a kid.

This deep passion influenced her life to the point that she choose to get a Mechanical High School degree and to work hard every day to reach the goal of living of her dream; being a professional driver.


She drove for the first time when she was 11 on ice, in a private circuit (where you don’t need to have a driving license) with a Mitsubishi Evo 9 as a joke; Gigi Galli (WRC former driver and family friend) told Tamara to drive a lap of the track, with the help of some pillows to manage to reaching the pedals, she did it and since that moment, she understood what she wanted to achieve in life: being a driver.

Her career began when Pirelli started to believe in her talent at her young age, being the first  proper supporter of the little girl.After being spotted by a RedBull talent scout, at the age of 16 Tamara managed to get a contract with the Austrian brand, where she had her own “growing up” program: mechanical, physical, psychological and driving test sessions, until she got her driving license and started competing.

Michéle Mouton (the only woman to reached the top of the World Championship, and came   really close to win it in 1982) started supporting Tamara through the Women in Motorsport program instituted by the FIA (Federation International de l’Automobile) The Italian Motorsport Federation started helping her on this journey too.

After 2 years testing 4 wheel drive cars, at the age of 18 (legal age to get a driving license in Italy) she did her first rally, with a 2 wheel drive car, due to her team choice. In her first proper year competing, she had a great season, managing to win her overall class in one of the five rally disputed and other very interesting results.

In 2017, Tamara became an Official Driver for Opel Motorsport with the support of RedBull and Pirelli, writing a page in the rally story; not many women managed to become professional drivers and none at this young age. After a fantastic year full of improvements, the young Italian managed to win the ladies European Championship and finished 7th overall in a crowded Junior Under 27 category.

In 2018 Tamara wanted to make her dreams true by participating in the World Rally Championship round in Sweden with an R5 car. No other girls ever participated to such a big event with a car of this category.

After a brilliant event, considering her brave choice of participating to one of the most difficult rally of the calendar and her experience level on snow and with a new car she decided to take part at Rally Azores, first round of European Championship where she is able to set significant stage times and showing a lot of improvements. Her season has been forced to stop due to budget reasons.

2019 was an amazing year for Tamara, after a long stop, she participated at Rally Sweden (World Championship event) finishing in 11th overall R5 among the best and experienced drivers in the world starting the year with a motivation boost.

Max Pucher, organizer of TitansRX Series, a new concept of Rallycross races, was looking for a female driver for his Championship, and after a test where Tamara showed her talent and passion, he gave her a seat for the full season in a 540HP RX car.

She impressed everyone with her improvements and performance, Tamara during her first season in this discipline managed to win heats among very experienced drivers like Tom Coronel, Oliver Webb, Jerome Grosset-Janin and many others.

She finished in 5th place overall in the Championship, right behind the Hansen brothers, Thoomas Heikkinen and Jerome G-J.