Almasport Management


Heading to the road to successā€¦

Every fairy tale in motorsports starts with a very talented driver, a winner who believes he is the absolute best.

Nowerdays we have seen that talent does not buy it all. Each successful driver had the support of an outside team to build his technical, mental and physical strength, to deliver a reliable performing car and state of mind so he could focus to his only goal: race to the top!

Experience can be shared and this is where Almasport are at their utmost best. We have a large expertise in different fields of motorsports going from event organization through sponsorship and sports marketing skills to team & driver management.

Our aim...

is to guide such a talent through the minefield of racing in order to lose as less time as possible in what became a very expensive sport and to deliver stress free an outstanding career.

The role of driver manager...

is an open book which needs to be overwritten over and over again to strengthen the weakest elements of each driver to make him as complete and invincible as possible.Ā 

The driver will always remain the person who needs to and will win the race, but we can soften his task to assist with contract negotiations, to influence his approach and attitude, to draft a communication strategy or to source potential sponsorship opportunities.

People management becomes a key element to create and structure a strong team along a future champion. Motorsports have and will always been a team sport and it becomes our task to make sure all goals get aligned in a smooth way.

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